Coconut Ketogenic Diet


If you are new to the Ketogenic diet method, you may be trying to piece it all together to get the most out of it for your health. Well, we have done some research and have found that those who have been on this diet plan add coconut oil to their regimen.

coconut and ketopia

It has helped them keep their fat ratio sufficiently high for nutritional ketosis as well as provided them some amazing other benefits for their health.  The health benefits of coconut oil have been known for a while now, such as how it can have a reverse effect for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when a small amount is added to the diet every day.

So since the Ketogenic diet requires a fat ratio of sixty-five percent, adding coconut oil can accomplish both things. Help reverse Alzheimer’s while getting the required fat ratio for the ketogenic diet. A win-win that tastes good!

How Does The Ketogenic Diet Benefit From Coconut Oil?

A few of the benefits your ketogenic diet will benefit by adding a daily dose of coconut oil are as follows:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Healthy hair and skina
  • Helps weight loss
  • Raises the good cholesterol (your HDL)
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Stress relief

A powerful combination is ketopia diet plan and coconut oil. Do you know what is ketopia?

In this case I suggest you take a look on the Ketopia 10 Day Reset Program

But how do you incorporate coconut oil daily? Well, you can eat a tablespoon of straight coconut oil. Or you can cook with it, which may be the more practical and tasty way to do it.  Since it has a high smoking point, you can easily fry foods and it won’t oxidize on you.

You can also add coconut oil to your coffee! There is a coffee called Keto Coffee and you pour it into the blender with the coconut oil, add 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and you’ll have your morning drink! This is great for those who don’t eat a breakfast first thing in the morning because it will give that boost of fat to get your body busy burning that fat.

Remember, that when you choose your coconut oil, choose one that is cold pressed oil, unrefined and virgin. If you see one that is cheaper than others, there is a reason. If you find your local markets are too high on coconut oil (the prices are going up because the popularity is increasing), then shop for it online.

And remember to incorporate a good exercise program with your ketogenic diet too. Just like any diet program, the diet alone won’t burn the fat. You have to get your body going so that it uses up the fat instead of storing it.

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